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  • hotels in Rajasthan
  • Rajasthan Hotels
  • Rajasthan Hotels
  • Rajasthan Hotels
  • Hotels in Rajasthan
  • Hotels in Rajasthan
  • Hotels in Rajasthan
  • Hotels in Rajasthan
  • Rajasthan Hotels
  • Rajasthan hotels
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  • Hotels in Rajasthan - The Lake Palace
  • Hotels in Rajasthan - Ramgarh Lodge

    Once the favoured hunting lodge of the Maharajah of Jaipur, Ramgarh Lodge is an eclectic mix of styles. Predominantly art deco it pays deference to its glory days with hunting trophies, which while not everyone's taste, remain a major part of the region's heritage. The landscape around the hotel is dramatic, ranging from rocky mountains, to small pockets of green fed by what remains of the lake that used to supply most of the water for Jaipur. Breakfast at dawn at the hunting tower, or a camp fire on the front lawn are guaranteed to take you back in time.

  • Rajasthan Hotels - King's Abode

    King's Abode opened in 2009, it's the low grey building with a distinctive modern look that is a total contrast to the surrounding area. But it works. Built around an inside lily pond the hotel is light and airy, with a focus on simplicity – including when it comes to the rooms. The food is great and the pool with a mountain view a great way to wind down after a long journey. While this may be less on the luxury side, it has great access to activities like leopard safaris and evening ceremonies and private mediation at the Jain temple complex. But most of all, the food is to die for!

  • Rajasthan Hotels - Fort Seengh Sagar

    An almost magical tiny fort, set on an island in the middle of a lake, Fort Seengh Sagar is a complete escape from the modern world. With only four rooms, Col. Randhir Singhji ensures a very personal level of service, where every detail is thought through and taken care of. Whether you're enjoying tea on the lawn, or dinner on the ramparts, the stillness and nature around you are truly inspiring. If you can stretch the budget book all four rooms for absolute seclusion.

  • Hotels in Rajasthan - Mihir Garh

    A fortress built from mud is perhaps not the usual setting for a luxury hotel, but Mihir Garh is very new take on old traditions. The desert sands seem to be drawn around this small enclave. Each of the nine suites with it's own plunge pool or jacuzzi enjoys a view and is individually designed. The decor is a surprisingly modern interpretation of classic Rajasthani style (including frescoes) which gives an abundantly warm and homely feel. The activities on offer are all designed to help you connect with life in the local villages and not to be missed!

  • Hotels in Rajasthan - Leela Palace

    Although the Leela Palace was only fairly recently completed (2009), there can be no mistaking the inspiration behind it. It's an opulent rendition of a typical Rajasthani palace in it's heyday – lavish almost to the point of excess. It's everything you would expect from a hotel of this caliber and with brilliant food and a well-stocked, walk-in wine chiller it's a gourmet's delight. The pools and outside areas all have impressive views across Lake Pichola to the City Palace.

  • Hotels in Rajasthan - Shahpura House

    This heritage hotel is one of the few where they get it right. The detail, atmosphere and the many little courtyards and sitting areas provide a warm, welcoming feel, in a genuine and obvious heritage setting. The swimming pool and peace and quiet are create a haven, even though the hotel sits in the busy heart of Jaipur. The suites are stylish and retain the personality of the royalty they were named after, without being overstated. The owners-in-residence constantly busy themselves with those tiny details that make a stay wonderful and have a capacity to bring Rajasthani culture and history to life through their anecdotes and observations on life in the busy capital that surrounds them.

  • hotels in Rajasthan - Rasa Resort

    Almost adjacent to the Amber Fort and sharing a boundary, this amazing concept resort adds yet another fresh idea to Rajasthan's hotel scene. Deceptively, the resort's luxury tents look like concrete structures, but are in fact fabric structures, with divine superb interiors and cleverly designed private outside spaces. Surrounded by the rugged hills, the resort which opened in April 2011 is absolutely unique and creators Devi Resorts once again deliver their trademark level of exquisite service. The champagne breakfast in a hot air balloon hovering above the resort is ingenious!

  • Rajasthan Hotels - Deogarh Mahal

    Somehow, Deogarh Mahal manages to take service to a whole other level. Intuitive does not even begin to describe it. It's testament to the passion and skill with which the royal family (owners and managers in residence) ply their trade. They strike a fine balance between maintaining the history of the palace and an entirely modern, forward-thinking vision and understanding of their guests. The food is thoroughly delectable, the wine list extensive and the options for activities seemingly endless. Without a doubt, this is one of Rajasthan's finest luxury stays.

  • Rajasthan Hotels - Hadoti Palace

    The Hadoti Palace might not be heavy on the luxury, but it has a certain je ne sais quoi that just fits in Bundi. The staff are extremely obliging and can't do enough to help, adding a very personal touch to your visit. The pool is the perfect antidote the a busy day sightseeing and the view of the Taragarh Fort also makes it the perfect locale for drinks and dinner. Definitely the best stay in town.

  • Rajasthan Hotels - Fort Chanwa

    Arriving at Fort Chanwa at night is a captivating experience. From the traditional Rajasthani welcome to the subtle illumination, it feels like entering a secret and very timeless world. The buildings themselves, though carefully restored hint at the substantial heritage of this property, along with the many charming courtyards and verandahs. Rooms have been deftly renovated with modern influences and yet retain their charm. The location may seem a little unlikely, and even though it is so close to Jodhpur, it's definitely worth opting for this “alternative” choice of stay.

  • Hotels in Rajasthan - Raas

    'Individuality' seems to be the keyword at Raas, from the concept upwards. Once the old Raas Havelli, sitting in the heart of the “Blue City”, it has undergone an astonishing transformation in to a design boutique hotel. Everything from the lattice cut red sandstone walls and cream marble bathrooms, to the artwork on the walls and the quilted cushions has been individually designed, locally made and fits perfectly. Everything in this hotel screams attention to detail – including the staff who are completely relaxed, professional and extremely well-versed in how to make yours an utterly indulgent stay.

  • Hotels in Rajasthan - Khimsar Dunes Village

    Cut off from the “real world”, Khimsar Dunes Village offers the kind of seclusion and quiet that seems impossible in modern times. Surrounded by towering sand dunes and little else, it's a real oasis, a small eco-friendly village around a pond - complete with ducks!. Only accessible by jeep, horse or camel there's nothing for it but to clear your mind. Drinks or dinner atop one of the sand dunes is quite spectacular, but then so is the entire experience.

  • Hotels in Rajasthan - Devi Garh

    Within its 18th Century palace exterior, the Devi Garh hides a thoroughly contemporary interior. It's a fusion that effortlessly combines historical elements with almost ultra-modern design, resulting in suites that are both serene and striking at the same time. The rooms are complemented by spectacular views, absolutely delicious food (both Indian and European) and service that can only be described as 'outstanding' – all making this a fantastic combination for a luxury stay.

  • Hotels in Rajasthan - Devi Ratn

    Devi Ratn draws on the shapes of the royal observatory in Jaipur, creating an architectural masterpiece which is thoroughly modern but also incorporates traditional materials and craftsmanship to stunning effect. The bold colour schemes and almost futuristic feel set this property right at the leading edge of design properties in Rajasthan, perhaps the whole of India. Each space is inspirational, grand and yet beautifully simple. Originality and more of that winning Devi service and cuisine are sure to thrill and make this one of the “must stay” hotels for 2012...and well beyond.

  • Rajasthan Hotels - Suryagarh Fort

    You would be forgiven for assuming that Suryagarh Fort had stood the test of time before being converted in to a hotel. In fact, it's a brand new boutique hotel, an homage to the glory days when such enormous edifices were painstakingly constructed. The very smartly uniformed staff are bright and completely bought in to the concept. The rooms, whilst modern have character and the whole building has an expansive feel. The tiled terraces (strangely reminiscent of Arabic tessellation) provide the perfect setting for dinner with a view. This property is definitely one to watch for the future.

  • Rajasthan Hotels - The Serai

    The Serai is a total luxury concept, providing guests with a level of sophistication and elegance that is rare. The 21 tents are all finished impeccably, and to a standard that makes you re-think any ideas you may have about camping. Set on a 100 acre estate of desert scrub, the views stretch to infinity. The pool and spa are most likely to keep you busy between divine meals, and occasionally you might have to tear yourself away to actually see something of the local area!

  • Rajasthan Hotels - Chhatra Sagar

    Chhatra Sagar's location could not be more idyllic, set on a dam bordering luscious wetlands and teaming with wildlife. Just the views from the luxury tents are enough to make anyone realise they have arrived somewhere exceptional. Being in proximity to a body of water definitely adds to the ambiance, and it feels like wherever you are in the camp you have a new perspective. The tents are extremely well appointed and the cuisine (wherever you choose to enjoy it) well worthy of such an outstanding luxury experience in the heart of nature.

  • Rajasthan Hotels - Sher Bagh

    We love Sher Bagh. It oozes “safari” style and is a well-dressed contender when it comes to resorts on the edge of Ranthambore. It's quite easy to get lost in the cozy atmosphere and numerous little hideaways dotted around the camp, perfect for quiet time enveloped by nature. The food is light and balanced, without compromising on flavour – influences drawn from around the world, but lovingly prepared with produce from the organic allotment in the resort. The major success at Sher Bagh is that classic maxim – less is more, the decor in the tents suggesting camping in style, rather than hotel suite in canvas. Coupled with tiger safaris, everything about this resort fits snugly together, right down to the evening camp fire.

  • Hotels in Rajasthan - The Lake Palace

    Perhaps one of the most famous hotels in the world, the Lake Palace lives up to its world-class reputation from the very first moment. A haven of tranquility, the palace is centres around several courtyards with waterways and fountains, every bit as glamourous as portrayed in the James Bond film. Accessible only by private boat, the palace is has the best views in town- from every side. The service is sharp and the fine dining restaurant voted number one in the world – it doesn't get much better than this!

Luxury hotels in Rajasthan - Our 2012 'hot list'

After our first two incredibly successful season and spending every spare moment "out and about" in Rajasthan, we decided to update our Hotels Hotlist for 2012. This year's list combines both our own personal experiences with those of our clients, including their frank and honest feedback. Of course we're still focussing on those critical elements - service, design, comfort and those extra special touches that make a truly perfect stay. In compiling our list at times we have had to be harsh...but fair, selecting only the hotels and resorts that stand out from the crowd and where we have no hesitation in recommending them to our future clients.

We're glad to see that many of the hotels from the 2010 and 2011 lists retain their places on the 2012 list, having proved time and again that they have what it takes to really impress. And, seeing as we don't work on a commission basis, there is definitely no undue influence from the hotels themselves - our only bias is towards those incredible properties that are an absolute delight to visit.

Of course we don't publish all of our favourites in the Hotels Hotlist - we like to retain a certain element of surprise and über luxury for our clients. Even if you're not booking one of our exclusive or affordable luxury tours, we invite you to use this list for planning your own perfect tour around Rajasthan, safe in the knowledge that we give you the ultimate insider's guide to some of the very best accommodation that Rajasthan has to offer.

Above you will find a delectable slideshow of this years Hotlist Hotels... in no particular order!

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