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  • Luxury Rajasthan tour - including the city Palace in beautiful Bundi

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  • Luxury trips to India - including tiger safaris at Ranthambore

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  • Luxury Rajasthan tour - including Ranakpur and its stunning rural areas.

  • Luxury Rajasthan tour - modern design at Devi Garh near Udaipur

Rajasthan in all its glory - VIVID

VIVID has it all - amazing ancient Forts and Palaces, intricately carved temples, awe-inspiring rural landscapes, wildlife and mouth-watering food. You get a feel of the real Rajasthan while enjoying a relaxed pace and still getting to see the major landmarks. We designed this tour for travellers who want it all, but don't have weeks to spend to seeing it.

We take care of every detail and you still have the opportunity to make your own choices. Culture, history, enjoying and relaxing, that's what we think a Rajasthan tour should be.

An 11-day tour, VIVID starts in Udaipur, visiting Ranakpur, Kumbhalgarh, Deogarh, Chittorgarh, Bundi, Ranthambore and Jaipur.

For a detailed day-by-day summary of this tour, please click below.

  • On day one you arrive in Udaipur after a stop over in Mumbai or Delhi, and we'll be waiting to take you to your hotel. If you're just arriving in India after a long flight then you'll probably be looking forward to a relaxing day, which is exactly what we have in store. We'll get you checked in at your hotel and you can spend the rest of the day enjoying the  fabulous surroundings and chic architecture. Relax by the pool with panoramic views, or if you're still feeling particularly energetic, we can take you to Eklingji to visit the 11th century temple complex. 

    You'll be having dinner at your hotel – a marvelous combination of traditional and modern Indian cuisine.
  • You can make a slow start on day two as you'll have the morning to explore Udaipur. We'll provide you with details of the “must see” sights, such as the City Palace and a map so you can wander at your leisure. The city is fairly small and compact, so very little chance of getting lost and we're always on standby if you would need us.

    After lunch at one of Udaipur's best rooftop restaurants, complete with views over Lake Pichola, you'll be taking a boat ride on the lake – stopping off at the Jagmandir Island and taking a closer look at the infamous Lake Palace, also known as the “floating palace”.

    You'll have more time in the afternoon to explore the busy Jagdish temple and the ghatts, as well as some of the small shops and galleries in the surrounding streets. From antique musical instruments to contemporary art, there's plenty to see and no obligation to buy!

    Drinks and dinner at another rooftop restaurant – one of our favourites - completes the day, and along with some of the finest Rajasthani cuisine, you'll have an excellent vantage point from which to appreciate Udaipur at night.
  • Day three starts with the drive to Ranakpur - winding roads through the Mewar hills with simply beautiful scenery leading you to this small town, mostly known for the Jain temples. After lunch you will be able to visit this marble marvel; 1444 uniquely carved pillars and carvings from floor to ceiling are sure to captivate. One of the resident monks will give you a short tour while explaining the history of the temple, the architecture and daily routine of life in this working temple.

    Late afternoon and it's time for something completely different. You'll be heading to Bera to meet Thakur Devi Singh – the local leopard expert and conservationist who will be helping you to find one of these elusive big cats. His knowledge of leopards stems from hours of research, following their habits and behaviour. It significantly increases your chances of seeing one...or maybe more and if you are lucky, watching a leopard in the wild from close proximity is exhilarating and indescribable and sure to be one of the highlights of your trip. 

    You'll find out more about Devi Singh and his efforts to protect local leopards over drinks around the camp fire and hearty Rajasthani cuisine prepared by his wife.
  • Kumbhalgarh is on the programme for day four and the drive through the hills and tiny rural settlements and villages is incredible. This is the land where time stood still, or so it seems, and fields are still being plowed by oxen, irrigation systems work in the same way they did a hundred years ago. Picturesque does not even begin to describe it...and it is certainly a stark contrast from the busy cities.

    Kumbhalgarh Fort lies hidden, nestled among the hills, but once you arrive, you begin to see how difficult it is to conceal something so vast. It's strategic location made it the perfect stronghold for Rana Kumbha, and as well as the fairly modest palace the complex includes hundreds of temple ruins and the remains of what used to be 36 kms of ramparts and walls.

    Dinner will be served back at the hotel, but there will definitely be enough time for a quick dip in the pool before the sun sets. Dinner by the pool is recommended – the night sky is unusually clear and filled with stars.
  • After Breakfast on day five we'll move on to Deogarh, a small town that has a lot of character. Deogarh Mahal, your hotel for the next two nights is an absolute delight and the service simply wonderful – as is the food.

    It's a little over two hours drive from Ranakpur and so you'll be arriving shortly before lunch. Take time to wander through the streets of Deogarh and browse through the everyday items for sale in the little shops. 

    After lunch you'll have a number of options - the small local railway trip (which is not like normal train travel in India) which takes you through the picturesque countryside, or riding on horseback over to Fort Seengh Sagar, the tiny fort on the lake. Or you can just take a dip in the lotus-shaped pool at the hotel and relax with a massage treatment before dinner. The hotel also has it's own audio tour, so history buffs can explore the palace and learn about its rich history in times gone by.

    Dinner itself is a real treat, served on the terrace or court yard and accompanied by traditional dancing and beneath another star-filled sky. There's an excellent wine list, including international classics as well as new offerings from Indian vineyards in Maharashtra.
  • On day six you will be leaving Deogarh after breakfast for Bundi, with a stop at Chittorgarh with its epic tales of heroes and heroines, conquests and religious devotion. The fort covers about 700 hectares, including temples, towers and palaces, but luckily you we can drive between the different points of interest in this massive history park.

You will be having lunch in Chittorgarh before moving on to Bundi, which is without a doubt one of the prettiest towns in Rajasthan.

    There will be time for an evening stroll as dusk approaches – a chance to see the streets at their busiest. Stalls sell all manner of delicious treats and you'll get the chance to sample the best Aloo Tiki (potato cakes with chickpeas and an array of sauces) in town.

    You can choose to have dinner in the hotel's restaurant, but even better is the al fresco option here, you'll be able to get your first glimpses of the Taragarh Fort and be able to spend a relaxing evening contemplating life in this peaceful, sleepy town. There's also an opportunity to catch the latest Bollywood film at the neighbouring cinema which belongs to the hotel
  • Bundi  may only be a small town (and relatively unknown) but day seven reveals all the gems that make it a perfect hideaway. After breakfast we'll head up to the City Palace, smaller than most, but with a very unique atmosphere and charm. The wall paintings detail life in the palace over the centuries and with expert guidance, you'll be able to trace some of the most significant events as well as daily life at court.

    After the palace, you'll make the climb up to the Taragarh Fort  where you can explore this semi-ruin, perched high on a hill overlooking Bundi.

 There's a sense of adventure as you make your way through deserted and overgrown courtyards and buildings, faded grandeur not yet turned in to a tourist attraction as so few people visit Bundi.

    Back to the hotel for lunch, and afterwards, you'll be visiting the Kshar Bagh – the royal cenotaphs of the Maharajahs of Bundi, and the Sunseh Palace where Rudyard Kipling wrote parts of his book 'Kim'.

    Drinks and dinner will be served at your hotel.
  • A tiger safari tops the bill on day eight, and after breakfast we'll head in the direction of Ranthambore National Park. After checking-in at the luxury tent resort or hotel and lunch, you'll go by jeep in to the park and with a spot of good luck you will get to see a tiger in its natural habitat. It's an experience that's hard to describe – tigers are much bigger in real life than you might expect and they have a certain elegance about them. Being protected within the national park, the tigers are unfased by the presence of humans and it's fascinating to watch their behaviour and hear the low guttural growl that they use to communicate.

    If you're unlucky then we have a second safari lined up for the following morning, so all is not lost. 

    Enjoy dinner back at the luxury tent camp or hotel and exchange tiger stories around the camp fire with fellow guests and the staff.
  • They say the best time to spot tigers is very early in the morning, so day nine starts with another jeep ride in to Ranthambore. You'll have a chance to have a late breakfast and a short nap (if required) when you get back, and we'll leave around 11am on the three-hour drive to Rajasthan's capital, Jaipur. After checking-in at the hotel, you can explore the Royal Gaitor (cenotaphs) before lunch, after which you will be moving on to Amber Fort, one of Jaipur's most well-known landmarks.

    Later in the afternoon there's a chance to go to the Elephant Village or Hathi Goan where you can meet some of the elephants (and their mahouts) who work ferrying visitors up to the Amber Fort. 

    You'll get a chance to experience the panoramic sunset views at the nearby Nahargarh Fort (Tiger Fort), before returning to the hotel for dinner.
  • You can spend most of day ten in and around the old city of Jaipur – a maze of small streets, markets and countless vendors selling just about everything you can imagine. You will travel by tuk-tuk (just about the quickest and easiest way to get through the narrow streets) so you can get a real feel of life in this busy capital. In the morning you can visit the Monkey temple and then the City Palace, Palace of Winds and Observatory – all at your own pace.

    After lunch you can decide whether you would like to see more of the sights, or just walk through the markets and  explore some of the side streets and alleyways that make up the centre of the walled “Pink City”.

    We'll take you to one of Jaipur's many stylish rooftop restaurants for dinner and yet another perspective on this amazing city.
  • Day eleven  will be your last day in Rajasthan so depending on your flight schedule you can have a leisurely breakfast at the hotel and then transfer to Jaipur airport for your flight to Delhi or Mumbai and connecting flights to your final destination.

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Affordable luxury tours

Your Rajasthan tour from £1795 per person for 10 days? Wire affordable luxury is still expertly crafted, but with a few less extras!

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